Summer fish in Victoria

February 08, 2019

Summer fish in Victoria


By Duncan Hill

The evenings are warm, and days are still long, the perfect weather for a light meal and a couple of drinks outside enjoying summer.

What better meal than fresh, sustainable Victorian seafood. Its light, healthy and best of all it tastes bloody amazing.

This time of the year barbecue favourites snapper are still prolific in the shallower protected waters of Port Phillip Bay. Out wider and deeper boats fishing out of Portland in western Victoria are regularly catching pink ling, king dory and mirror dory. At Lakes Entrance in the states far east everyone’s favourite flathead and sea bream are plentiful and being landed in good numbers.

If your looking for something to pan fry then our ‘something for the deep’ option is ideal. King dory, mirror dory or maybe some blue eye paired with a crunchy green salad and something cool to drink and you’ve got a healthy and delicious meal in less than 5 minutes.

Maybe your wanting something for the whole family so why not throw some Australian prawn cutlets in a hot pan with a generous slug of sweet chilli sauce. Let them fry away until the cutlets begin to curl and turn opaque then take them off the heat. Grab some tortillas, some slaw’ or a salsa and you’ve got the makings of an epic taco night!!

Barbeques are being lit every night across Victoria at this time of the year. While cooking fish on the barbeque can be tricky sometimes here are some tips to make sure you barbeque with the best.

  • Always cook fish over a medium heat. We don’t want towering flames, white hot coals and a searing hot plate. Find the cooler part of the plate and start there.
  • When your cooking fillets always start with the skin side down. Let it get nice and crispy (not burnt) before turning.
  • Avoid using tongs and buy yourself a fish spatula or flipper. This is typically a narrower, more flexible version of the egg flipper which is ideal for easily slipping under your fish.
  • Use plenty of oil or put some greaseproof paper under the fish (not over direct flames) to ensure the fish doesn’t stick to the barbeque hot plate.
  • Try and choose firmer types of fish like flathead, snapper or barramundi which are easier to turn.
  • For more delicate varieties try wrapping the fish in foil along with some fresh herbs, chilli and ginger.
  • A clean BBQ plate is a necessity. Not only does it stop random past meals sticking to your fish but it also helps the fillet not to stick on the plate.
  • If your BBQ has a lid, it is better to BBQ fish with the lid down. This will help the fish not to dry out.

Seafood doesn’t have to be difficult in fact it’s really the ultimate fast food! Before the season disappears make sure you order some fresh locally caught fish from the crew at Wildcatch Fish Co. for your very own summer feast.


Snapper from Port Phillip bay


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