Where does Wildcatch Fish Co. 's fish come from?

We have a variety of sources for our fish. Check out the ‘Our Crew’ section to find out all about our amazing suppliers. You can view this here.

Are any of your fish farmed?

Some are but this is because we either we don’t have wild stock in Australia or the stock we have are too sensitive to overfishing. Each product description will give you a rundown of where the fish is caught and how they catch it.

Is your fish sustainably sourced?

Sure is, everything wild caught has been rated as ‘sustainably fished’ by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority who make this determination based on scientific evidence. They are the leading authority on the status of Australian fish stocks.

Our growers are all committed to the sustainable production of their various fish and fish products. Read more here.

What if I am not happy with my fish when it arrives?

Just give us a call or text on 0400 518 426 or email and tell us the issue and we can either organise a refund or substitute it for something else.


Is there a deadline for placing an order?

Yes, you need to have your order placed by 5pm on Wednesday to ensure we can get your fish to you first thing on Friday morning. This is for both the pickup and delivery service.

What if I want something that’s not on your website?

Just give us a call or text on 0400 518 426 or email and we can try and track down what you’re after. No guarantees but we can generally find what you need at a reasonable price.


Is pick up available?

Of course! Some people prefer to pick up their order at their own convenience which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best businesses in Geelong who will hold onto your fish in their cool rooms until you can get there on Friday to grab it yourself.

Where is pickup available from?

Check out our pick up locations page here.

Does Wildcatch Fish Co. charge for pickup?

No, this service is free.

Can I pay when I pick up?

No, unfortunately you need to pay via the website.


Where does Wildcatch Fish Co. deliver?

We deliver almost everywhere in the Geelong area. Check out our delivery area here.

Where will you leave my fish?

Unless otherwise stated in the comments section when you place your order, we will leave your fish on your front doorstep.

What if there is restricted access to my property?

Please provide instructions when you place your order on where you would like to leave your fish. If we still can’t gain access we will drop it off that day at the closest collection point to your address and notify you via email.

What if I’ve got a big bloody dog that loves fish or loves to bite fishmongers?

Please tell us in the comments section of the shop when placing your order, hopefully we can work out the best way to drop your order off without your pooch hooking into your delicious fish while you sleep or even worse giving us a nibble too!

When will my order arrive?

We’ll drop your order off before dawn (before 7am) every Friday morning so when you wake up you can grab your fish and put it in the fridge to enjoy later.

My order has not arrived, what do I do?

If it’s past 7am on Friday morning and your order has not arrived, please either give us a call or text on 0400 518 426 or email

Do I need to sign for my order?

No, we leave your order at the door regardless of whether your home or not. We deliver your fish before dawn, so it is there when you wake up.

What if I’m not home to pick up my delivery in the morning?

If you’re not going to be home then we have a number of location options where you can pick it up later. Remember you’ll have to tell us when you order or send us an email before delivery or we’ll end up leaving it at the doorstep!

How is the seafood packaged for delivery?

We start out with the freshest fish you’ll find (unless you catch it yourself). We clean it and fillet it, then vacuum pack it, sealing in the freshness and giving it a longer shelf life. Then we pack your order together with icepacks to keep your fish cool until you wake up, pickup your package from your doorstep and throw it in the fridge.

How are the goods kept fresh during transit?

Our fleet of delivery vehicles are all refrigerated to keep your orders nice and cool.  

Do I have to pay for delivery?

Yes, delivery is a $7 flat rate. Unless you are spending over $60, in which case we offer free delivery. 


If your questions haven’t been answered here, please feel free to email

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