• Easy and convenient

Sick of forgetting to order your fish by our Wednesday 5 pm cut off! Easy put in a regular order, either weekly, fortnightly, 3rdweekly or monthly and you don’t have to remember each week.

  • Simple to use

Our system is so simple to use! Once you have put in your regular order, you create an account and from here you can do everything you want. Skip a week, change your order whatever you want to do, you can!

  • Plan ahead

That’s one meal a week/fortnight/month you don’t have to worry about. Fresh and healthy, you can feel comfortable feeding your family fish.


Subscription FAQs;

 Do I have to have an account if I have a subscription?

No, an account is optional. Having said this Wildcatch Fish Co. advise customers to set up an account if you are setting up a subscription. This allows the customer easy access to their subscriptions and if they want to skip a week, change a subscription or cancel it, it is done so easily with a customer account.

How do I create an account?

Once you have put through your recurring order (subscription), come back to Wildcatch fish co.’s home page. In the right top hand corner, there is a person symbol next to the search symbol. Click on the person symbol and it will take you to a sign in page. To the bottom left, you will see a “New customer, sign up”, click here and it will take you to a create account page. Enter your details and be sure to use the email address you used when putting in your subscription, this is important as your subscription details will be stored with your email address. It’s as easy as that!

Once I have placed a subscription can I change it?

Yes, this is where having an account comes in! Once you have created an account, to change a subscription, all you do is sign into your account via the person symbol in the top left hand of the home page. From here you will see a “manage subscription”, click on this and it will take you to a page where you can do everything you may possibly want to do with your recurring order.

Can I setup paypal to pay for my regular subscription?

No, unfortunately paypal isn’t yet available as a payment method for subscriptions. At this stage we can only accept credit/debit card details.


Remember we are always here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0400518426 or for any queries at all.

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